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New Testament And Homer

Hebrew and Greek mentalities toward executing are comparative, yet once religion is considered in a wonderful contrast is uncovered. Early Hebrew residents were dangerous individuals naturally, much like the Greeks, yet had God looking down on them saying to them that slaughtering wasn't right. Greek residents would take part in war and human penances with the divine beings on their side, and even some of the time the divine beings would participate in the killing. The Greek lifestyle was deadly because of their compelling impulse to be vindictive, while the Hebrews killed to keep the confidence. In the content of The Odyssey and the Holy Bible killing is irrefutably bounteous with residents killing, God killing, and some of the time the two killing in cahoots. The Holy Bible contains numerous cases of executing. The one that most everybody knows about is, Exodus 20:13, in the Ten Commandments of God expressing, â€Å"You will not kill. † Later in the Bible, God states what will befall you on the off chance that you defy him, â€Å"The Lord will send you reviling, disarray, and reproach in all that you set your hand to do, until you are wrecked and until you die rapidly, as a result of the fiendishness of your doings where you have neglected Me† (Deuteronomy 28:20). With these to lessons from God, one would think there would be no murdering going on and on the off chance that you killed you would be rebuffed harshly. This be that as it may, isn't the situation. In Genesis, Cain kills his own sibling, Abel, out of envy. God sees this and is irate that Cain didn’t keep his guidelines, subsequently banishing him and spoiling his body with an imprint (The Holy Bible, Genesis 4). In certain occasions God really orders executing. In Genesis, God lost control with the individuals so he murders them all with a flood, saving just what He put on Noah’s Ark (Holy Bible, Genesis 6-8). God additionally requests that Abraham penance his own child. Abraham is prepared to demonstrate his confidence to God and murder, however luckily God doesn't make him (Holy Bible, Genesis 22:8-13). At the point when the individuals adore a brilliant calf in Baal, God loses control since you are not assume to revere figures or something besides God, and took order over the individuals. God makes the men take their blades and kill more than 3,000 of their siblings and children (Holy Bible, Exodus 32:27-29). God likewise murders all of Egypt’s first conceived when he sets up Passover. During the principal Passover, the entirety of the individuals who don't obey God’s nitty gritty system for Passover are visited and killed by a holy messenger of death. After God makes the Egyptians hearts hard and afterward feeble, the individuals can leave, however are trailed by the Pharaoh’s men. God isolates the Red Sea for the Hebrews, yet once the Egyptian troopers enter the splitting, God tops the waters chill out and suffocates all the men (Holy Bible, Exodus 12:29-30). The entirety of the killings are affected by Gods assurance to have the individuals devoted to his religion. God drives the individuals through Moses and performs different acts to win the confidence of the individuals. He does this by putting passing on the entryway of the Hebrews and afterward sparing the Hebrews by not murdering them, along these lines winning their confidence by causing them to recognize his reality. God orders that individuals obey him or pay the result. This is a danger to the individuals on noncompliance for Gods laws. In the event that you murder you have spoiled Gods will, and discipline will come, and it will come in the best way that could be available. Early Greek society is brimming with fighting and devotion to the divine beings. The residents of their incredible urban communities invest wholeheartedly in the brilliance of their warriors and the pleased armed forces that contend so energetically to vanquish and loot their foes. As they are caught up with murdering in war, they are additionally devoted to their divine beings. Giving up people to the divine beings isn't an extraordinary event. The divine beings additionally assume dynamic jobs in the Greeks slaughtering. The divine beings sit above on Mt. Olympus and watch the numerous individuals come in strife with one another, occasionally participating in how the celestial game is played out. The manner in which the divine beings communicate reminds me as though they are viewing a daytime drama, meddling with the activities of the entertainers. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus, an incredible Greek warrior, is celebrated in his experiences to Troy. His executes are incredible and in numerous numbers. Odysseus is portrayed as a legend and the â€Å"raider of urban communities. † On Odysseus’s twenty-year mission the divine beings, principally Athena, lead him. In the first place the divine beings meddle when Poseidon needs to murder Odysseus, yet Zeus forgoes him doing as such. As Odysseus meanders his direction home, he ponders patience and the estimation of lives. On part of his excursion, Odysseus voyages a perilous way at one point taking a chance with his entire team, which he has lost various occasions. He should settle on one way that will murder just a couple and is troublesome, or on a less difficult way that can slaughter the entirety of his group. He understands the significance of the lives and picks the less hurtful one. Maybe the best and generally celebrated of Odysseus’s killings is the point at which he gets back to murder the entirety of the admirers seeking after his significant other. Greeks murdered out of retribution frequently. This made a goliath, ceaseless pattern of slaughtering that left numerous furious. As Odysseus is killing in incredible numbers at his home he is glad. He accepts he is doing equity when he hangs whores dead by a rope and dissects a goat herder. The wrathful Odysseus is portrayed as a pleased angler with every one of his slaughters. â€Å"Odysseus filtered his home to check whether any man despite everything crept alive, despite everything wanted to maintain a strategic distance from dark demise. Be that as it may, he discovered them the whole gang in blood and residue? incredible takes of them out for the count like fish that anglers haul from the agitating dim surf in circled and looping nets and excursion aground on a broad snare of sea shore some respectable catch? orpse covering cadaver? †(Odyssey, lines 406-414). The pride that Odysseus ingrains from his deadly ways is obvious. The Gods to don't compromise a discipline on Odysseus. The main danger that is to Odysseus is the groups of the admirers who are furious. The principle inspiration for the killings is families and residents quarreling and avenging past killings. Luckily, toward the finish of the Odyssey, the Gods cast a mist in the recollections of the individuals so they will overlook their indignation towards one another. As the Hebrews murder, God and his danger for them to carry on everlastingly went with them. Notwithstanding, God’s discipline isn't generally obvious, generally it is. As the Greeks slaughter they are profitful and in basically no danger to the Gods. In Hebrew culture murder was utilized by God to assist keep with requesting and to obtain his kin opportunity. The Greeks executed to satisfy the Gods and to satisfy their state, neither of these are an incentive in Hebrew life. Despite the fact that Hebrews and Greeks executed a ton with little idea towards it, Hebrew culture was tormented with God’s coerce over you, while in Greek culture you could benefit from slaughtering.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Free Essays

Account of the Life of Frederick Douglass The abstract gadgets utilized by Frederick Douglass in his personal history make the advising progressively congenial to his crowd. Douglass composes from a first individual perspective showing his advancement from an uneducated youthful slave to an expressive speaker. He utilizes poignancy, ethos, and logos. We will compose a custom paper test on Story of the Life of Frederick Douglass or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now Just as an assortment of other gadget three of which are purposeful anecdotes, revelations, and illustrations. Through these strategies Douglass makes a clear depiction as life as a slave that significantly impacts his crowd. One abstract gadget utilized by Douglass is ethos, a logical intrigue to the writer’s believability. All through his portrayal Douglass utilizes Christianity to delineate the moral irregularities inalienable in the act of servitude. His case of ethos is especially powerful in the character of Edward Covey. Mr. Bunch believes himself to be a passionate Christian man and attempts to beguile himself and God, yet his malevolent activities uncover him to be a fraudulent delinquent. This associated with perusers by portraying an exceptionally away from of the moral conundrum of being a Christian slaveholder. Logos, the expository intrigue of rationale is another abstract gadget utilized by Douglass. He utilizes logos in his composing style which is commonly clear and drawn in, however he does at times utilize an amusing tone, or that of somebody sincerely survive. Douglass’s truthful style and intelligent point of view toward the parts of servitude help the crowd show signs of improvement portrayal of subjection. His proper composing style makes the peruser realize that he is a shrewd man. Another scholarly strategy utilized in the self-portrayal is poignancy, an explanatory intrigue to feeling. Douglass’s delineation of slave ladies is a case of poignancy. Ladies, who ought to have a bigger increasingly critical job in his account, for example, his Aunt Hester, are just found comparable to an enthusiastic reaction to manhandle. Douglass depicts â€Å"I have frequently been stirred at the beginning of day by the most terrible screams of an own auntie of mine†¦no words no tears, no supplications, from his shocking casualty, appeared to move his iron heart from its wicked purpose†¦ not until defeat by weariness, would he stop to swing the blood-thickened cow skin. (21) He doesn’t expound on them as individuals however more as an approach to show overpowering feelings of misuse. Purposeful anecdote is another gadget that Douglass that utilizations to pass on his contemplations on opportunity. Moral story is the scholarly work wherein characters, items, or activities speak to deliberations. Douglass passes on the theoretical thought of opportunity depict ing the white-cruised ships that he experienced as an approach to recommend mysticism or rather opportunity that originates from otherworldliness. Those lovely vessels, robed in most flawless white, so great to the eye of freemen, were to me such a large number of covered apparitions, to unnerve and torment me with considerations of my pitiable condition. †(63) To Douglass the boats speak to opportunity from bondage by going from port to port, while the white sail he connects with blessed messengers. Revelation is an artistic gadget used to show a snapshot of abrupt disclosure or knowledge. Douglass shows this in the case of Mr. Auld requesting his significant other to quit showing a youthful Frederick to peruse. Douglass says, â€Å"Whilst I was disheartened by the idea of losing the guide of my sort, paramour, I was delighted by the significant guidance which, by the merest mishap, I had picked up from my lord. † The revelation that Douglass comes to in regards to the estimation of training would reverberate with his crowd. Douglass’s battle with Covey is a microcosm for the worldwide issue of bondage. This microcosm is a case of how Douglass utilizes illustrations to affect the peruser. Stories are a basic story that outlines a good or strict exercise. Slaves as a populace surrendered to their condition (beatings) as Douglass did with Covey by losing all craving to better himself. Douglass clarifies this by saying, â€Å"My characteristic versatility was squashed, my mind mulled, the manner to understand withdrew, the happy sparkle that waited about my eye passes on; the dim night of subjugation shut in upon me; and view a man changed into an animal. †(63) When Douglass confronts Covey, a battle enduring hours, mirrors the opportunity movement’s since quite a while ago, extended battle against subjection. Servitude itself is such a substantial theme, that it will influence any peruser. Yet, Douglass’s is a genuine record. He doesn’t keep down and composes the fierce truth. What's more, that I think stunned such a large number of individuals in that time since Americans would not like to accept that such an expressive and insightful Negro man had been exposed to such brutal conditions. Composing such a drawing in story, by bouncing between the two personas he speaks to, he stunned the way of life. Douglass’s personal history was so stunning a direct result of the measure of feeling utilized graphically to rankle the peruser and cause social change numerous decades later. The most effective method to refer to Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Essays

National spending for long

The quantity of the Americans who need long haul care is about 10 million. Long haul care alludes to the guides given to those individuals weakened by unexpected weakness, incapacity, or mature age among different arrangements. Such individuals request unique help for them to perform essential and routine exercises in their every day lives.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on National spending for long haul care explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More These join washing, developments, planning of dinners, and clinical treatments among others. It is apparent that the greater part of such individuals achieve free help from companions, families, and other committed family members. In any case, the legislature (both state and government) has set up different projects intended to give the supposed long haul care. There is an impressive spending for specific long haul care administrations. These fuse nursing administrations, household care, and bolstered livi ng administrations. It is vital to consider such factors with regards to human services arrangements. Long haul care is costly for people with broad needs. As at 2006, the yearly expense for a private room in a nursing home approached US$70,900. Simultaneously, the compensation every hour for a home wellbeing arrived at the midpoint of US$25. This demonstrates how such administrations have gotten costly in the American setting. These figures mean $36,500 and $33,300 base rates every year for a four hour home consideration and private room benefits separately. Unequivocally, the nation burned through US$194 on long haul care with the nursing home consideration enlisting an extensive segment. Medicaid is one of the noticeable lenders of the drawn out consideration. As at 2004, it represented about 49% of the absolute subsidizing. Medicaid thinks about poor people who satisfy up the qualification guidelines. Each state is committed to oversee its own Medicaid programs; notwithstanding, subsidizing radiates from both the administrative and state governments. Each state anticipates that Medicaid should give nursing home consideration just as home social insurance for the qualified people. These fuse clinical arrangements and treatment administrations. By the by, any state may remember individual consideration for its Medicaid programs. Furthermore, all states by and by give home and network based administrations in a program that elevates administrations to a particular and predetermined number of inhabitants. DRA (a demonstration) permits states to fund home just as network based administrations. Simultaneously, the Medicaid spending on non-institutional consideration is developing enormously. On the other hand, Medicare program is intentioned to give wellbeing repayment/spread to people matured 65 or more just as individuals with inabilities in this context.Advertising Looking for article on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support yo u! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In 2004, Medicare subsidized 19% of national long haul care costs. Medicare isn't assigned to subsidize long haul care administrations; in any case, it awards insignificant compensation to the referenced administrations. In a gifted nursing office, Medicare pays completely for the underlying 20 days and mostly in the ensuing 80 days. Moreover, it likewise reserves home social insurance for homebound people requesting novice proficient nursing and treatment administrations. About 19% ($37 billion) of the complete expense of the drawn out consideration uses was subsidized by ‘Out-of-Pocket Spending’ in 2004. Groups of people with long haul care needs expect significant jobs in this unique situation. This is valid since the majority of these penniless people (almost 83% in 2000) accomplished their guides in network based settings where relatives contributed fundamentally. Private protection establishments similarly financed 7 % (US$9 billion) of the all out expense. Private protection segment likewise funds insignificant measure of nursing and home consideration administrations. In 2002, safety net providers paid around US$1.4 billion on claims. Different sources (private/open) enrolled about 6% of the aggregate in 2004. On approach issues, it is vital to concur that various people requiring long haul care have no protection reimbursements because of neediness. Regardless, Medicaid and different organs spend impressively on institutional consideration contrasted with home/network based considerations. This exposition on National spending for long haul care was composed and presented by client Emmitt B. to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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Atalanta Essay Example For Students

Atalanta Essay I. Rundown of the StoryAtlantaHer father had needed a child, and when Atalanta was conceived, he dismissed her and requested to put her out on the mountains, and let her kick the bucket. So the workers put her out on the mountains. There a she-bear tagged along, and took an extravagant to the peculiar seemingly insignificant detail, and took care of her with her own milk. Before long some haunters passed that way, and discovered her, and spared her, and brought her up. She turned into a hard lady, similar to her hard dad, and like the hard life she was power to lead. She thought about no wild mammoth of the woodland. In any event, when two awful Centaurs assaulted her, she didn't mind anything, yet slaughtered them both. At the point when she grew up, she discovered her dad, and came to live in his home. She made an incredible name for herself, in running and wrestling and other masculine games; she even grappled with Peleus, and beathim. She more likely than not been a bunch to oversee; so her dad before long got worn out on her, and put forth a valiant effort to discover a spouse who might calm him of his problematic daugther. From the outset she would not know about a spouse; yet finally she concurred, on certain condition. The condition were, that in the event that anybody needed to wed her, he should ran a race with her, in the event that he lost the race, he was to lose his life. Yet, she was excellent to such an extent, that numerous youngster were happy to attempt, even on those standing; many did attempt, and fizzled, and they were executed. One youngster, named Milanion, a fine youthful individual chuckle at this in light of the fact that accdg. To him there are a lot of young ladies in the nation and he won't take an enormous risk for one, regardless of how lovely she might be. In this way, some youngsters welcome him to the following race, as though he have not seen her and he join them. There they remained at the beginning post: Atalanta, similar to Artemis herself, as lovely and as hard; Accdg. To different books, she wear a sparkling clasp fastened her robe around her neck; her hair was essentially dressed, trapped in a tangle behind. An ivory tremble hung upon her left shoulder and in her grasp was a bow. Therefore was she attired. With respect to her face, it appeared to be too modest to even think about being that of a kid, and too innocent to even consider being that of a lady that was she resembled. Furthermore, the youngster, brimming with strenght and beauty, and certain that he would win. Off they went: he was sharp witted, however nothing to Atalanta, who dashed off like the breeze, and handily came in first. At that point the youngster was begun to his demise. In any case, you wouldbelieve it, no sooner Milanion set eyes on Atalanta, at that point he experienced passionate feelings for as profoundly as the rest. He thought he had considered nothing to be lovely as Atalanta, and on the spot he pronounced that he would attempt his karma. Atalanta herself was grieved, as she saw this fine youngster. By one way or another she became hopelessly enamored with Milanion as well, and she put forth a valiant effort to prevent him. Why she didn't acknowledge him without a moment's delay, on the off chance that she preferred him, I don't have the foggiest idea; yet maybe she felt that it would make her look little before the world, and she didn't generally cherish him enough, up 'til now. So a day was fixed for the new race. Milanion was not exactly so bright when he escaped. He didn't feel so sure he would win; and since he was unable to see her, he didn't feel so sure she was justified, despite all the trouble. In any case, he believed he was unable to retreat from the test. At that point he petitioned the goddess Aphrodite to support him, and she heard his supplication; for she didn't care for this hard lady, who made light to the goddess o f affection. She had a superb tree in her forest, which bore brilliant apples; three of these apples she picked, and offered them to Milanion, and guided him. .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec , .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .postImageUrl , .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .focused content zone { min-tallness: 80px; position: relative; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec , .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:hover , .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:visited , .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:active { border:0!important; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec { show: square; change: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-progress: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; mistiness: 1; change: obscurity 250ms; webkit-progress: haziness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:active , .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:hover { darkness: 1; change: murkiness 250ms; webkit-progress: obscurity 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .focused content zone { width: 100%; position: relative; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .ctaText { fringe base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: striking; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content beautification: underline; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; outskirt: none; outskirt sweep: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; textual style weight: intense; line-stature: 26px; moz-fringe range: 3px; content adjust: focus; content design: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-stature: 80px; foundation: url( arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .u22f02d460308ef9 795f9183461c24aec .focused content { show: table; stature: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u22f02d460308ef9795f9183461c24aec:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: In Cold Blood: Death Penalty EssayThe day came. There were horde of individuals to see the race: the lord was there, with his court; Atalanta was there, young lady in a short tunic, similar to Artemis, and prepared to run. Milanion came, with the brilliant apples tucked into the edge of his tunic. They made rather a lump, however nobody saw it in such fervor. The two sprinters remained at the beginning stage: the sign was giventhey were off. Atalanta didn't run as quickly of course, for her own heart weekened a bit, to see this delightful youngster running for his life. For a brief period, they ran in a dead heat; however the passion of the race grabbed hold of Atalanta, and she shot ahead. At that point Milanion pulled out one of his apples, and moved it ahead to Atalanta. She saw the brilliant thing, and delayed, and halted in her course to get it. Milanion passed her, and dashed away at ful of speed. Be that as it may, Atalanta tucked her apple into her chest, and off she went once more; she before long passed Milanion, and left him behind her. Presently Milanion pulled out another apple out another apple, and sent it rolling a little to the other side. Again Atalanta saw the apple, and shot away from the course to get it; again Milanion ran ahead, and right now he increased a decent arrangement of ground. Be that as it may, the pace was telling on Milanion. He started to gasp, and his breath came dry from his throat; run as he would, he would not stay ahead, and now he took out his last apple. This time, he tossed it as hard as possible, immediately to the other side, however so that Atalanta could see it. What's more, as in the past, Atalanta dashed in interest, and forced option to leave the course until she had the option to get it, and tucked it path with the rest. They were not yet toward the finish of the race, and Atalanta started to pick up Milanion, yet Aphrodite was watching, inconspicuous, and she caused the apples to become heavier and heavier, until Atalanta felt as though she were conveying a load of lead in her chest. She went increasingly slow, and Milanion stayed ahead, and won the race. At that point there were extraordinary rejoicings, and Atalanta was no less satisfied than the rest, despite the fact that she didn't say much regarding it. So they were hitched, and they had the right to live hapily ever after, yet unfortunately they didn't. For they offered offense to Zeus, and he transformed them into a couple of lions. Maybe all things considered, Atalanta was more upbeat as a lioness than she would have been as a lady, yet I don't realize longer her side of the story, since she could no longer tell it. II. Characters of the storyA. Major CharactersAtalantaDaugther of King Schoeneus of Boetian. A lady raised by a she-bear and s oon the trackers. She is characterized as a human, relentless and known for her courage and strenght that made her more lovelier and more alluring than some other ladies aside for delightful face. MilanionSon of Amphidamas, a fine youngster who experienced passionate feelings for Atalanta and before long wed her on account of Aphrodites help. AphroditeThe goddes of affection and magnificence, Roman partner Venus. She helped Milanion to win the footrace so as to wed Atalanta. B. Minor CharactersZeusSupreme diety in Greek folklore. Roman partner, Jupiter. He transformed Atlanta and Milanion into a couple of lion since they damaged the haven. Ruler PeleusKing ofMyrmidons in Thessaly. An extraordinary legend Peleus was pounded by Atalanta in a wrestling insanity. Ruler SchoeneusKing of Boeotia. Natural dad of Atalanta. Previously, he needed to have a child to build up the great notoriety he keep up however when Atalanta was conceived, he requested to put her on the mountains and let her pass on. In any case, later, when Atalanta discovered him and lives with him-he had the option to acknowledge her so much since she was so popular and overstayed all manly and athlete occasions. III. Settings of the story Island of BeotiaLocation were this happensIV. CommentsAtalanta is an old style folklore. It is one of a kind in view of it empowers me to see one side of myself in the character of Atalanta. This story Tells about a hard lady who would not wed a man who can't surpass her in a footrace. The most contacting part for me was that when Atalanta was debilitated by her own heart to see the youngster running for h


07/07/07 Saturday, 07/07/07, was my birthday! I usually dont plan anything big in advance for my birthday no ones ever around to celebrate, so I got into an early habit of ignoring it. After I turned 7 on 07/07, it seemed like it was just downhill from there. Except I forgot about 07/07/07, which of course translates to THE BIRTHDAY OF THE CENTURY. (Regardless of your beliefs about the number 7.) I took this as a challenge to transform those 24 hours into the best ever. Actually, I slept through quite a bit of those 24 hours, but that just makes the time that I was awake that more special, right? My first thought was to go skydiving. It turns out, though, that you need a reservation in order to go skydiving, and by the time I had actually gotten around to planning out 07/07/07 it was about 11:59 PM on 07/06/07, because I am a baaad baad procrastinator (bad bad bad dont do this at home, kids). Then my friend Ashley suggested that I do seven things to commemorate this fortuitous day. Like what? I dunno, seven.. meaningful things. With that helpful advice in mind, I came up with this list: 1. Skydiving 2. No. No, were just going backwards. We need something fresh. Something better than before. Something better, stronger faster. Wait, am I quoting The Six Million Dollar Man again? When did that happen? Somewhere in between quoting 70s movies and actually discussing what I should do for my birthday, it was decided that I would eat seven different meals at seven new and different places over the course of the day. It would be a momentous undertaking, but I could do it. My stomach was feeling primed and ready. After all, it was 07/07/07. And if you arent celebrating the day of the century with copious amounts of food, you need to rethink your definition of a celebration. So Ashley and I (because you should always bring backup whenever you are attempting a task of this magnitude) thus embarked upon a whirlwind food tour all over the Bay Area. We began with breakfast! 1. Alamo Cafe: breakfast in PJs. After sleeping through half the day (whatd I tell you? best birthday ever, right?), we headed off for breakfast in our pajamas to a tiny diner, at which Ash and I both ordered mouse pancakes. We thought wed start small and order from the kids menu, but it turned out they were bigger than my face. They were incredibly delicious, but it made me slightly rethink my plan. Id have to go for smaller portions in order to increase my endurance. 2. Brass Bear Deli: this would be lunch number one. 3. Coldstone Creamery: cleansing the palate with Strawberry Blonde. Notice the enthusiasm is still present. 4. Dog, The: lunch number two-ish was garlic fries. Did you know there are no garlic fries on the east coast? Its not like they dont have fries, and its not like they dont have garlic. It just never occurred to anybody over there to combine the two. It also never occurred to anybody (and included in anybody in particular are the people who build restaurants in the MIT Student Center) to build an In-N-Out, which in my humble opinion is a VERY SAD MISTAKE. Anyway, whilst eating very intensely garlicky garlic fries and feeling full to the brim with celebratory joy, I started to get a bit nervous. I wasnt even eating complete meals they were more like courses, and with much help from Ash and yet I was beginning to feel my pants stretching, barely halfway through. Luckily I had worn stretchy pants. But there were still three more places to get through, and I began to wish I was skydiving. 4. Extreme Pizza: we werent sure if it was xtreme pizza or extreme pizza, but luckily, it was the latter, so it worked out. Unluckily, we asked us for one slice and they gave us two. On any other day, it would have been a bonus slice. On this day, it was a death sentence. #5 proved to be the low point of the day, even though the pizza was excellent. We very much needed a little break from all the joyful celebrating, so we went to the nearest mattress store and crashed on the Tempur-Pedic ® mattresses. We were briefly accosted by the salesman, but averted his probing questions (Can I help you ladies? Were just trying out a new mattress for school,) because he clearly did not know that MIT rooms come fully furnished, beds and all. (I do, however, suggest a mattress pad, i.e. Memory Foam. MITs mattresses are most definitely not Tempur-Pedic ®.) Our napping almost made us miss the dinner party at Fuzio. We did, as a matter of fact, eat at 7 PM. WITH SEVEN PEOPLE. Pretty epic how that worked out, eh? 6. Fuzio: party on, Wayne! Sadly, Ash and I were both in such a food coma that we were unable to order anything more than the small salad, which we of course split. It was sort of tragic, but everybody else seemed to enjoy my birthday dinner, and thats what counts, right? 7. Gelateria Naia: some may say this is not different from Coldstone. I have nothing to say to those people. Well, we made it, and it was memorable indeed. Im a little disappointed in myself that I hit food coma so early, but with such little preparation I dont think I couldve stretched it much further. If I do happen to be alive for the next 07/07/07, though, Ill definitely start training a few days before. If that tiny Japanese guy can eat 60+ hot dogs, why cant I manage a few meals? Or maybe next time Ill just go for the skydiving.

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How to Write a College Application Essay

When you apply to college, as part of your application procedure, you will need to write an essay. This is your perfect opportunity to present yourself and impress the admission committee with your writing skills and the experience of yours. It is a time consuming process of writing the essay that works it may takes few hours of several days for some students. But the trick is that for admission officers it takes few minutes to read it. According to Jim Rawlins, director of admissions at the University of Oregon, you may spend weeks in writing the essay but you will have only few minutes of so called â€Å"fame† to grab readers’ attention and guide them through the story. All is all, you have to be very good at writing to make the readers stay till the end of your essay and make the decision which is good for you. Sounds a bit complicated right? As so much is put at stake: all your academic achievements, your grants everything you have done needs to be accompanied with â€Å"simple essay writing† to tied up in the story of your success. Thus, no doubts- you must know that formula of success usually lays in a simple thing- of how to create the essay that works and wrap it up perfectly. How to write a great college application essay To start from the beginning, we decided to present you some college application essay tips on how to write an essay for a college application and how to start a college application essay in DO’s and DON’T’s format. Be yourself and let the writing come from your heart. Don’t make up the story in that you don’t believe in. Do start writing your college application essay as early as possible. Don’t postpone writing your essay till the very last minute. Do organize your writing, create the timeframes for drafts to be edited and follow the timelines you set. Choose the topic that will serve you better Don’t focus on the specifics of a particular college, its pros and the amount of dedication of yours it will take in studying there. Do share your personal thoughts, select a creative approach of presenting the story and highlight areas that empowered you in your lifetime story. Narrow the focus down to something personal Don’t try to cover too many topics in your essay. This will make the essay sound like formal list of things happened to you but in fact- this will not reveal anything about you. Do focus on one aspect of your life you find worth sharing so the readers can learn more about what kind of person you are, what are you strengths and weaknesses. Show the examples, don’t simply list them all. Don’t simply state a fact. For example â€Å"I like to surround myself with people with similar interests†. Do include some specific touch here: more details, strong examples, your personal reasons and so on, like â€Å"My friend and I being members of student scientific society, presented the idea of â€Å"volcano on the table† to young pupils to empower them to learn chemistry more and join our club of young scientists† Ask for a feedback Don’t send your essay without getting feedback on it. Do ask a teacher or parent to read it for you. Your parents, teachers or classmates can give you some advice of it, they could also notice some spelling or grammar mistakes you were missing. Also the person who proofreads your essay might advice if the writing â€Å"sounds† like you. Write succinctly and know your vocabulary. Don’t get your essay overcomplicated with advanced vocabulary you don’t know how to use properly. It might seem pompous or even comical to the reader despite it was not the intention of yours. Do your writing concisely so the admissions officers see that you can organize your thoughts being limited in words. How to write a personal essay for college application The main worry that applicants have is that their essay won’t stand out from the rest of the essays. This is a natural concern as you will compete with numerous applicants who have backgrounds similar to yours. The truth is, indeed, the vast majority of college application essays are not very good. I mean they are either boring, impenetrable, clichà ©d, or all of the above. Many students struggle with the balance between writing creative, facetiously stated responses and sounding shoddy and forced. So let’s close by quoting Kurt Vonneguts seven rules for writing well, which are as applicable to college applications as they are to writing everything else: Select a topic you really care about. Do not roam here and there in your writing. Keep it short and simple. Know where to cut the story. Be yourself don’t make it up. Say what you mean to say. Engage with the readers. The following tips will help you to wake up and inspire the writer inside you. As you probably saw, there are many college application essay samples in the internet. Choosing what to write about in the essay is doable and but it doesn’t lay on surface. You can be funny, dramatic in your writing, but most importantly it must be your own story and it must describe your endeavors. Another option on writing college application essay is to order them from professional writing services. While ordering your college application essay from professional writers, make sure your essay is extraordinarily different from the other essays. If you’re unsure about how your essay could come across to admissions officers, it’s not too late for professional services to review your supplements and give guidance on how to draft and revise your essays.

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Responsibility Accounting and Cost Control - 9088 Words

Topic:Responsibility Accounting and Cost Control. Subject: Management control systems Index: |Sr.No |Topic |Page No | |1 |Meaning of Responsibility Accounting |3 | |2 |Steps involved in Responsibility Accounting |5 | |3 |Responsibility Centres |6 | |4 |Cost Centres v/s Responsibility centres†¦show more content†¦Under this system, divisions or units of an organization under a specified authority in a person are developed as responsibility centres and evaluated individually for their performance.† David Fanning defines Responsibility Accounting as a system or mechanism for controlling the wider freedom of action ‘that executive - decision centre manager in other words - are given by senior management and for holding those executives responsible for the consequences of their decisions.’ Robert Anthony defines Responsibility Accounting as â€Å"that type of management accounting that collects and reports both planned and actual accounting information in terms of responsibility centres.† Responsibility Accounting focused main attention on responsibility centres. The managers of different activity centres are responsible for controlling the costs of their centres. Information about cos ts incurred for different activities is supplied to the persons in charge of various centres. The performance is constantly compared to the standards set and this process is very useful in exercising cost controls. Responsibility Accounting is different from cost accounting in the sense that the former lays emphasis on cost control whereas the latter lays emphasis on costShow MoreRelatedThe Impact of Contingencies on Management Accounting System Development.1725 Words   |  7 PagesManagement Accounting SYSTEM 1 3.0 THE IMPACT OF CONTINGENCIES ON MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT 2 ( i ) Environment 2 ( ii ) Strategies and mission 3 ( iii ) Technology 4 ( iv ) Firm interdependence 4 ( v ) Business unit, firm, and industry variables 5 ( vi ) Knowledge and observables factors 5 ( vii ) Culture 6 4.0 Summary and Conclusions 6 5.0 REFERENCE BOOKs 7 1.0 INTRODUCTION The management of a company needs to develop cost and management accounting systemsRead MoreResponsibility Accounting1350 Words   |  6 PagesRESPONSIBILITY ACCOUNTING Management Accounting - Responsibility Accounting Planning amp; control are essential for achieving good results in any business. Firstly, a budget is prepared and, secondly, actual results are compared with budgeted ones. Any difference is made responsibility of the key individuals who were involved in (i) setting standards, (ii) given necessary resources and (iii) powers to use them. In order to streamline the process, the entire organization is broken into variousRead MoreEssay about Role of Managerial Accounting1112 Words   |  5 Pagesbusiness costs down which involve internal and external actions. For internal control, the accountant has a responsibility to monitor finances of a company. Other responsibilities include keeping track of liabilities, duties and taxes. Furthermore, analyses of measurement data on creditors or stockholders are also provided by an accountant. This essay will seek to prove that through principles of financial accounting, cost accounting and cost management, accountants can control the cost of businessRead MoreResponsibility Accounting949 Words   |  4 PagesROLE OF RESPONSIBILITY ACCOUNTING IN FOSTERING GOAL CONGRUENCE RATIONALE: It is impossible for top managers to make all the necessary decisions about everything except in very small organizations. Somehow at some point he has to delegate some decisions to those who are at the lower levels and are more knowledgeable to the everyday detail of the company’s operation. By empowering lower level managers to make decisions, decision-making authority is spread throughout the organization ratherRead MoreResponsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing1021 Words   |  5 PagesManagerial Accounting and Controls Reporting Responsibility Accounting and Transfer Pricing in Decentralized Operations 1. When are decentralized operations appropriate? 2. How does responsibility accounting relate to decentralization? 3. What are the differences among the four types of responsibility centers? 4. What is suboptimization and what are its effects? 5. How and why are transfer prices for products used in organizations? 6. What are the differences among the various definitionsRead MoreBUS 630 Final Paper1617 Words   |  7 PagesDecision Making with Managerial Accounting Managerial accounting is essential for decision making. Making the best choice depends on the managers goals, the anticipated results from each alternative, and the information available when the decision is made (Schneider, 2012). The different techniques associated with managerial accounting are very helpful in the decisions that need to be made. In order to truly understand decision making with managerial accounting one must first discern exactly whatRead MoreNature and Purpose of Management Accounting1248 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Æ' The primary role of management accounting is to information in a timely manner to the company’s provide relevant management to help them plan and control the activities of the organization and with which optimal and sound decisions can be made. All the topic areas examined relate to this primary role. Although this role and its related topics covered are clearly understood by most, if not all candidates or even managers in the organizations, different types of relevant information areRead MoreCorporate Controllers Are Responsible For The Accounting1455 Words   |  6 Pagesresponsible â€Å"for the accounting operations of the company,† including: the development of recurring financial reports, â€Å"maintenance of †¦ accounting records, and a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk, enhance the accuracy of †¦ reported financial results, and ensure that reports results comply with †¦ financial reporting standards† (para. 2). In other words, controllers are the chief accountants in their organizations. Besides their basic daily accounting functions and managingRead MoreThe Cost Management Information System Essay1229 Words   |  5 PagesDiscussion Questions 1) As stated in the book, the cost management information system is one of two major accounting information systems within an organization. This subsystem’s burden is to generate outputs for internal users using processes needed to satisfy management objectives. Instead of being obliged by an external source’s criteria, it is ruled by people within the company. It differs from management accounting in that management accounting is more focused on how financial and nonfinancialRead MoreThe Sarbanes Oxley Act Of 20021600 Words   |  7 Pagesrampant, as companies such as Enron and WorldCom used shady accounting practices to inflate their revenues and hide losses. This led to the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, the most extensive form of accounting reform legislation ever passed. It had many consequences for publicly traded companies and public accounting firms, some of which were positive, while others were detrimental. One of the detrimental impacts, the cost of compliance, was alleviated at least partially by the introduction